Introducing the Smokin Gun by Kristina Etter

At the Smokin Gun Apothecary, we see hundreds of guests each day, and whether you’re a seasoned vet looking for connoisseur-level bud or a curious tourist not sure where to begin, you will find what you’re looking for in our store. Prepare yourself for a unique, one-of-a-kind cannabis experience, because the Smokin Gun Apothecary is everything but a typical pot shop. There are no long lines, no need to wait behind an indecisive customer, or feel rushed to make a decision by the pushy guy behind you. In our showroom, you’re invited to take your time to browse, talk with our budtenders to learn about our products, and learn about the failed war on drugs and prohibition through hand-painted murals, authentic displays, and educational screens.

As a wholesaler, we support several of Colorado’s top grow operations to bring together some of the best cannabis available in the area. A large variety of strains from multiple grows, means you get a massive selection of flower all under one roof. If smoking isn’t your preference, we also offer a broad spectrum of THC, CBD, and CBN concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and beverages, as well.

New to the cannabis scene? Don’t know your THCs or your CBDs from your ABCs? No problem! Our budtenders are some of the friendliest in Denver, and they are packed full of knowledge and first-hand experience with the products we carry. This is the store where you can ask all the questions you want without feeling awkward or troublesome. Our budtenders look forward to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for… even if you’re not sure what exactly that is. Feel free to wander the store and learn on your own, or walk and talk with one of our in-house experts. Shop the way you want to shop.

Location is everything and being on the corner of Virginia and Colorado Boulevard in Glendale, means the Smokin Gun Apothecary is one of a handful of recreational marijuana shops allowed to stay open until midnight. So when the other Denver shops shut down at seven, the atmosphere in our shop changes. During the day, we offer a quiet, casual cannabis boutique, but after seven the lights dim down, the volume goes up, and our shop becomes the place to get your party started! Located next door to the legendary Shotgun Willie’s Gentlemen’s Club and surrounded by hotels, your weekend escapade, bachelor party, or birthday celebration will definitely be one for the history books.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an upscale, warm, and friendly cannabis shopping experience unlike any other you’ve experienced, or if you’ve never stepped foot in a legal marijuana store, or you’re wanting to take your celebration to the next level of “epicness,” then you MUST visit the Smokin Gun Apothecary, Denver metro’s premier late night dispensary.

Open 8 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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Denver Metro’s premier late night dispensary & anti-prohibition museum. Open 8am to Midnight daily. Recreational 21+

Walk through the speakeasy-style, hidden doorway back in time to 1870, five years before the first drug laws were passed and the dawn of prohibition began. Take your time, browse the showroom, and admire the art and history at this one-of-a-kind recreational dispensary. A beautiful, unique shopping experience with friendly, knowledgeable budtenders make this shop the premier destination in the Denver metro.

Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until Midnight. This is Denver Metro’s finest late night dispensary.

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To say we’ve come a long way since the initial “war on cannabis” was declared is a massive understatement. Take a moment in sunny Colorado to sit back and appreciate how revolutionary the day and age we live in truly is. There are lot of dispensaries that are basking in the glory of this new found legalization, selling product, and in many cases taking for granted, just how monumental and startlingly rapid the nation’s paradigm switch on cannabis use has been. Located near the heart of the cannabis revolution in Glendale, Colorado is Smokin Gun Apothecary, a brand new Colorado late night dispensary that is taking the boon of Colorado legalization for what it is – the first step on a long road towards national acceptance… Read More

A strip club and a Smokin Gun: New Colorado pot shop stirring up intrigue

GLENDALE — Colorado’s newest pot shop has some wondering whether strippers and weed are too closely aligned on a busy highway just east of downtown Denver.

The Smokin Gun Apothecary opened on a site formerly occupied by the Denver area’s best known strip club, Shotgun Willie’s. The strip club hasn’t gone away — it’s moved just across the parking lot, testing ethical and potentially legal issues about the state’s growing legal recreational pot industry.

Beyond banning the sale of pot and alcohol in the same shop, Colorado has no regulation regarding marijuana and other adult businesses. Zoning rules require shops to be away from schools or anywhere children congregate.

A bowl of marijuana sits next to the Smokin Gun’s one-gram containers, which are designed to look like shotgun shells, naturally. (Brennan Linsley, The Associated Press)

Colorado’s rules about using pot are hazier. The state bans public marijuana consumption. But the state allows local governments to decide whether to allow private pot clubs. Smokin’ Gun is preparing a rooftop lounge area in anticipation of a local ordinance to allow shoppers to toke up.

Both businesses have the same owner, who envisions pot shoppers getting discounted drinks at the strip club. Deborah Dunafon plans to sell mugs at the pot shop that customers can use for a free beer at the strip club. Colorado law bans the sale of both marijuana and alcohol at the same place, so there won’t be any alcohol flowing where weed is sold, she said. Read More


LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies.

Former Denver strip club space gets a new lease on life as a marijuana shop

In November 2013, Colorado strip club Shotgun Willie’s closed its doors at 490 S. Colorado Blvd. forever — and immediately reopened some brand new doors right across the parking lot.

The new Shotgun Willie’s is bigger, brighter and better — and the old building will soon be demolished so that construction can start for the site’s new tenants: A marijuana shop.

“I think it’s going to happen,” said Glendale’s deputy city manager Chuck Line about the pot shop that will be the city’s fifth marijuana outlet once it finishes its applications and construction.

The name of the new shop might tickle longtime Coloradans: The Smoking Gun, a play off the space’s former tenant Shotgun Willie’s.


“You’ve gotta love it,” said Line. “Only in Glendale.”

The Smoking Gun hasn’t finished everything it needs to be a sure-thing, but Line feels good about the owners and said they’ll be a good fit with Glendale’s other cannabis businesses.

“All of these marijuana owners, in Glendale at least, are good business people,” said Line. “They look before they leap.”