Snoop Dogg – The DoggFather

How did Snoop Dogg get his name? While growing up in California, Snoop loved Peanuts and Charlie Brown by Charles Shultz. Since he watched the show everyday, his mom gave him the name. When others discard childhood nicknames, Snoop kept his and created an undeniable identify. Snoop Dogg is iconic enough that his real name Calvin is only found in trivia.

 The first time Snoop tasted marijuana at 8 or 9 years old, he fell in love. His uncles smoked frequently and offered him hits off their roaches. Snoop knew a good at first taste.

The Doggfather is a long time supporter and public figure for legalizing marijuana. He’s faced several marijuana related charges from all around the world. His love for marijuana not only fueled his music career, it fueled his own line of marijuana products. In 2015 Snoop started Leafs by Snoop –  delicious fruit chews infused with distillate THC.

Interesting fact #1, Snoop doesn’t prefer to partake in consuming his weed digestively. He claims he can’t control his intake and experience with edibles. He respects the need to enjoy your world discretely however.

Interesting fact #2: no one can out smoke the Doggfather except for one – good old Willie Nelson. When do you know that you’ve been out-smoked? The moment when the joint is passed to you and all you can think of is how you’re NOT going to hit that. You find your exit and allow the others to smoke the rest.

Interesting fact #3: Snoops all time favorite munchie snack is fried bologna and cheese.

“One of the best stoner snacks is fried bologna with cheese. Then you gotta throw your favorite potato chips in there, inside of the sandwich. [Put it] on top of the [skillet] ‘til it bubble up and then you flip it over and put the cheese on it. C’mon Cuz!” – Snoop Dogg

Even as a parent, all his children smoke but they don’t drink. Snoop’s philosophy is to lead by example and allow his children to live freely and navigate the world using their own judgement and intuition. So far the philosophy paid off for his eldest son made his breakthrough following his father’s footsteps in the music industry. His songs regularly in-taking the green ganja.

Snoop’s vision and loyalty to Mary Jane always paid off. Related image


Vendor Daze : 2 Day Sales Event

Vendor (n) – Drug Dealer – one whom is in the business of dealing drugs

Daze (v) – blurry; a lost state of mind considered enjoyable. Not a care in the world. 

                            day blaze, smoking marijuana in the day time. 

*Definitions provided by Urban Dictionary*

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