Joints, Blunts and Cannagars with Jesse Grove

#JessetheGroveJesse Grove with Dope Directory knows his dope. After all, he’s been an avid toker since before legalization. Recently he ventured into our shop and grab himself three beautiful and fulfilling pre-rolls from The Flower Collective, Honest Marijuana Co and Blunt Lyfe. On one fateful Saturday morning, Jesse and his crew lit on up and so the passing began. Pre-rolls are reinventing the weed game adding bubble hash and featuring specific strains. Catch up on Jesse’s take on The Flower Collective’s Bubble Joint, Honest Marijuana Honest Blunt and the Blunt Lyfe G.O.A.T (Great Of All Time) Cannagar here.  All three crave worthy pre-rolls are available right now at the Smokin Gun Apothecary. Come get your toke on!


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Cannabis Magazine, Lindsey Mintz Featured

Unleash the Cannabis

Have you heard of Arcanum? Allow us to introduce the founder of Arcanum our sister company, Lindsey Mintz. Lindsey is a strong, confident, and dedicated woman. After her struggle with an unexpected illness after a routine breast augmentation, Lindsey discovered the power of hemp. She nursed her body using CBD supplements and changed her diet. Not surprising, Lindsey regained her strength and cured her aliments.  In fact, she took her amazing results to start her very own company! With quick action, Arcanum is born. Arcanum is a full-spectrum activated hemp company providing full-spectrum activated hemp solutions to athletes worldwide!

Woman to Woman

Working with Cannabis Magazine, Nina Faull wrote an amazing article showcasing entrepreneurial women in the hemp and marijuana industries. As a result, Lindsey’s officially joined the ranks along Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. We’re incredibly proud of Lindsey’s accomplishments! Consequently, we encourage you to read Faull’s article Woman to Woman: Cannabis Wellness and learn more about Lindsey’s journey by clicking here.

Curious About Arcanum?

Interested in learning more about Arcanum? Check out the Arcanum website for more information on their products and potential!

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