Ascend Cannabis Oil Review

Cannabis oil takes science and craft to create the perfect distillate. At Ascend Cannabis, science and craft come together to create an experience like none other. Jesse Grove with the Dope Directory stopped by the Smokin Gun and picked up a few experience cartridges. He then proceeded to go home and enjoy his new found prizes.  First, what are experience cartridges?

 Ascend High Terpene Extract

The secret in the sauce. Their High Terpene Extract (HTE) is the result of our innovative approach to capturing a wider breadth of flavor, aroma and cannabinoids for a true-to-the-plant experience. In fact there are no solvents, waxes, fats or other undesirables, just premium cannabis oil.

HTE carts offer all the flavor and potency of a dab, on-the-go. Their newly engineered smart cart optimizes vapor production to deliver big, beautiful hits that pack a punch. Experience the Ascend difference, their Water Clear cannabis terpenes make their HTE carts the truest representation of your favorite strains.

Jesse’s Experience

“If you haven’t had a chance to sample anything from Ascend Cannabis before, I can personally vouch for the purity, potency, and all-around quality represented by these fine oils. Their cartridges have quickly raised up on my list to become one of my absolute favorites. They’ve proved superior understanding in terpene balance better than the majority of other extraction companies out there nowadays. With their refined CO2 extraction methods, they’ve tactfully entered the new age of designer cannabis oils. With award-winning products coming out of their lab such as CBD Diamonds I can only wait to see what amazing revolutionary product Ascend will come up with next.” – Jesse Grove

Read Jesse’s Ascend Review Here

All About Terpenes in Cannabis

Cannabis relies on public support. Without it, we can’t continue to redefine the new normal. For this reason, GoFire hosts an educational and networking event called 21st Century Cannabis In order to speak legitimacy into cannabis, GoFire invites experts to guest speak on a specific topic. This month’s guest speaker is Dr. Susan C. Trapp. She earned her PH.D on terpenes from the University of Maryland gaining her the reputation as the Queen of Terpenes. Dr. Trapp enjoys touring the country speaking on terpenes and providing consultation for the cannabis industry. Her expertise bridges the missing link between cannabis and wellness.

“Terpenes play a key role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains. Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity.”

– Bailey Rahn, Leafly 

What is a Terpene?

Definition : A terpene is an organic compound found commonly in algae, fungi, plants and animals. Terpenes are the most diverse plant derivative. As of current, science identified 55K known terpenes (from 30K known in February 2019). Once regarded as simple plant waste, research finds terpenes play a critical role in the medical properties of nature. Terpene research exploded in wake of cannabis legalization. As a result, terpenes are classified as the largest class of natural products.

What is a natural product? A natural product is anything derived from life. A subclass of a natural product are metabolites. Metabolites are compounds essential to life. Consequently, terpenes are part of the secondary metabolite class. Did you know that often times our pharmaceuticals are made from natural products? Yes! Science discovered how to isolate terpenes and synthesize them in a lab. Resulting in most of the pharma available at your local drug store like aspirin and vitamin A.

Examples of Terpenes

Below are common household products that belong to the terpene family.

Vitamin A

    • Image result for Vitamin A

      Found in either plants or animals. Ideal for vision, bone growth, cell function and reproduction.


    • Image result for White Willow Bark

      Derived from White Willow Bark. White Willow Bark is well known for its pain relieving properties – often chewed for immediate relief.

  • Menthol

    • Image result for menthol

       Found in peppermint and other oils. Used to clear congestion and relieve pain.

  • Taxol

    • Image result for taxol

      Taxol is a popular chemotherapy drug

  • Rubber

    • Related image

      Rubber comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree found in tropical climates.

Common Terpenes and Their Uses in Marijuana

  1. Limonene
    1. Found in citrus fruits and other plants, limonene promises to promote weight loss, block cancer-forming chemicals, treat cancer and bronchitis. Limonene’s distinct citrus aroma is known to elevate the high and alleviate stress
  1. Myrcene
    1. Myrcene is responsible for producing that well known mango effect in cannabis. Described as sweet, minty and leafy, mycrene is known to act as a natural painkiller and antioxidant. Known as well for it’s anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.
  2. Pinene
    1. As the name suggests, pinene comes from pine cones/needles, rosemary, dill, basil, and parsley. More research is needed to fully realize pinene’s potential. However, studies do find that pinene promises to alleviate short-term memory loss associated with THC. Also known to combat inflammation as well as acts as an agent to open your airways.
  3. Linalool
    1. Linalool is common in lavender and peanut leaves/stems. Characterized having a lavender smell with a hint of spice. On average people consume 200 grams of linalool naturally every year from the foods we eat. Research suggests linalool properties are ideal for decreasing depression, anxiety and supporting the immune system.
    2. Image result for linalool
  4. Caryophyllene
    1. Common in black pepper, cinnamon, clove, hops, oregano and basil. Caryophyllene gives cannabis that musky/funky smell and is known for it’s antioxidant and noninflammatory properties. Ideal for treating irritable bowel disease, anxiety and depression.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Have you ever wondered why cannabis affects you differently from your friends? Terpenes aren’t unanimous in their source. In fact, the environment greatly impacts the plant’s terpene composition. Similarly, our bodies determine chemically our ideal terpenes using two main receptors. The chart below identifies each receptor dominate location.

Related image

In order to identify the right cannabis for you, we high encourage all users to smell their cannabis before purchase. Smelling the strain allows our nasal passage to pick up the terpene profile. As a result, we’ll experience either a “positive” or “negative” reaction. One example of a “positive” reaction is hair raising on your arms. Whereas, an example of a “negative” reaction is experiencing your stomach turn.

Learn More

Watch the video below to learn more about terpenes!

Pride Weekend with Discretion

Pride is around the corner and Denver is dressed in rainbows. The city buzzes with anticipation for this weekend’s events like the Pride Parade and 5k on Saturday June 15th. Coupled with a weekend long celebration at the Civic Center Park, Denver will be lit! If you’ve never been, make this year the year you GO! Even though Denver Governor Jared Polis signed the bill allowing public consumption, the bill has yet to take into effect. In order to avoid confiscation of your cannabis and potential problems, enjoy a worry-free weekend with a few recommendations.

pride weekend denver smokin gun

Top Consumption Methods for Pride Weekend


My go-to/on the fly/discrete choice -edibles. Edibles are absolutely fantastic. Not to mention they come in a variety of forms to suit most dietary restrictions. Either be beverage, gummy, chocolate, bean, mint, powder, edibles are one of the biggest forms of cannabis available on the market. In general, edibles can take up to 2 hours to fully kick in and last anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on  your body.

In order to fully enjoy your edible experience, follow my recommended routine:

  • Take ONE Edible

    • For novice to intermediate users, taking one or more edible may land you a visit to the ER. In order to avoid unnecessary doctor visits simply remember – slow and steady.
    • By taking my edible no more than two hours before the event, allows me to still “function” as I make the necessary arrangements to get to my destination.
    • Also, allowing one edible to dissolve at a time will allow you to better control your high and experience. If you find that you want to elevate your high, you can always bring one edible with you to take before entering the event.
  • Be Present

    • Edibles are fantastic at making my day more “fun,” by making colors more vibrant and your body relax. Additionally, you care less about obligations and more about the moment. Under those circumstances, you’ll never forget that one time you vibed with the music as you danced with rainbows.
  • Drink water

    •  Now imagine surviving Pride weekend without a headache or hangover because you remembered to always have water available? As a result of taking an edible, I intend to experience cotton mouth. Therefore, always make sure to carry water with you as you explore the city. Sharing with your drunk friends is only an option.
  • And Eat!

    • Even though consuming edibles doesn’t give me traditional munchies, eating under the influence never disappoints. You’re relaxed. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re having such an amazing time. Now, elevate your experience with a nice meal. Savor the flavors and spices as you’ve never relished them before. Denver is home to some amazing finds. We have one of the best dining scenes in the nation.

Choosing the right edible can be confusing! The BEST way to choosing the right edible for you is to come into the Smokin Gun Apothecary and talk to one of our expert Budtenders. However, you’re welcome to explore our online menu here. Otherwise, my recommendations on choosing the ideal edible are as follows:

  1. Choose consistency

    1. Do you want a gummy? Do you like chocolate? Have you always preferred not to taste cannabis whatsoever?
      1. The edibles at the Smokin Gun are derived from distillate and mask the cannabis flavor well. Mints and tablets are highly effective at experiencing a nice high without consuming gluten or sugar. Ripple powder makes everything an edible.
  2. Choose THC

    1. If you’re new to cannabis, LESS is more. Consider Canyon Cultivation IT Sucks 1:1 Fruit Punch. Each hard candy piece contains only 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD. At 2.5 mg of THC, that’s enough for you feel the sensation that you’re “high” without pushing your body over the edge. You will retain motor function and cognitive control but with less worry and anxiety.  Canyon Cultivation is on sale at the Smokin Gun Apothecary June 15-16th – BOGO HALF OFF. 
    2. If you’re a more seasoned cannabis user, 1906 offers beans and chocolate with 5 mg THC. 1906 uses plant medicine in their chocolate to enhance your experience resulting in more stimulation, invigoration and empowerment to control your experience. 1906 is on sale NOW thru June 16th at the Smokin Gun Apothecary – Buy any 1906 chocolate or bean and get your second 1906 item for ONLY $1!
    3.  For those who are heavy tokers such as myself, Cheeba Chews’ taffy comes in single 10 mg dose or 6 pk with 60 mg THC. Choose from fun flavors such as green apple or orange cream. Cheeba Chews on sale at the Smokin Gun Apothecary June 15-16th – BOGO HALF OFF


Vape pens are another fun way of staying discrete in public. They don’t carry the smell of traditional flower and require less equipment. Offering 72% THC on average, vaping is also highly effective at getting you high. Because one disposable vape pen can hold up to 300 mg and 90% THC, you’ll be able to maintain your high all day long. Since over the years vaping has become more sophisticated you choose your flavor, potency and size. On sale June 15-16th – All Mezz vape cartridges, batteries,disposable pens and shorties are BOGO Half Off


Lastly, I have a sneaky suspicion that for a few of you, the idea of edibles and vaping seem too alien. You’re the OG of smokers. You’ve used flower all your life, why start changing now? Fortunately for you, we have something for everyone. We believe you deserve options so enjoy from June 15-16th at the Smokin Gun – Bubble Joints are BOGO Half Off and Happy Daze $89 Ounces on select strains (Mix or Match).

 Smokin Gun Apothecary Pride

We at the Smokin Gun Apothecary closely relate to the values and morals demonstrated in the LBGTQ community. Sadly, our trans brothers and sisters continue to struggle to live in peace each and every single day. We see you. We know you. Therefore, allow us to extend our warmest welcome. All is family at the Smokin Gun Apothecary. We invite you to join us as we light the way to liberty!

Before you head out to enjoy Pride weekend, make sure to stop by the Smokin Gun Apothecary on 492 S. Colorado Blvd, Glendale to stock up on your cannabis needs. Our crew will be dressed to the occasion with killer deals. Be safe but most importantly – party on!

Pride weekend denver smokin gun

1906 New Highs Facility Tour

1906 Facility Tour

Have you ever wondered what goes into making an edible? Do you happen to love chocolate? 1906 New Highs regularly opens their facility for tours and we decided to explore. If you don’t know, 1906 is a chocolate edible company that produces such products as Midnight, Chill and as seen on CNN High Love.

1906 high love chocolate


1906 kindly opened their doors for us to take a peak at all that goes into making THC infused chocolates. They’re located on the eastern side of Denver in Henderson, Co. You get a real sense of community when you walk into the 1906 facility.  The best part of 1906 is that everything happens under one roof. Peter Barsoom, the founder and CEO of 1906, has an office next to his admin. His admin resides next to the space where all the magic begins.

When you step into the lobby of 1906, you’re immediately greeted with an open interior decorated with the best of 1906. After signing the guest book, Peter and Maria (my tour guide) extended one of the warmest welcomes. While waiting for the tour begin, the office crew laughed with me over our favorite edible stories, and the chemist and I marveled at Yo-Yo Ma playing whimsically in the background. The care placed into the products is extended to the team working behind the scenes. Love. Love is the glue that holds 1906 together.

1906 chocolate facility tour


Walk with me as we tour the 1906 facility.

1906 Facility Tour chocolate 1906 chocolate facility tour


1906 chocolate facility tour

Unlike other edible companies in Denver, 1906 uses single strain cannabis for all infusions. Using single strain cannabis allows uniformity and control in your experience. Want to know which strain is used? Check the label.

1906 facility tour chocolate

This box used the Blue Dream strain (sativa). On the side every tin or box, 1906 includes information on which strained was used during the production of the chocolate you’re about to enjoy. Extracting the strain looks nothing as I imagined. I’m not exactly sure how I imagined cannabis extract – thinking it’d be green doesn’t make logical sense either.

1906 Facility tour chocolate


In this photo, you see the single strain extraction. Each container holds all the distillates that go into the 1906 edibles. The small room next to the lobby is the area where science meets culinary. The lovely 1906 chemist plays around with THC, CBD, terpenes and plant materials. Plant materials? Yes – more than cocoa, sugar, milk, and cannabis go into the formulation of 1906 chocolate. The GO experience includes plant materials such as galango for a fast energy boost, L-theanine for calming and soothing, caffeine, and theobromine for lowering blood pressure and increased circulation.

1906 chocolate facility tour

Pictured above is a container of cocoa and plant materials mixed together waiting for its distillate. Pictured below is an used container with only a bit of cocoa left. Personally, diving into the bucket and taking a huge sniff sets the tone for the entire tour.

1906 chocolate facility tour


Leaving the small room full of chemistry, I stepped into the room where all the magic happens. The warehouse opened up to a space clearly defined by station depending upon what’s being created, packaged, and stored.  1906 believes in creating a chocolate that doesn’t leave a footprint on our planet. Inside the warehouse, they use the same machines in order to create all the experience chocolate. Great measures are taken to ensure that all equipment is cleaned after each batch.

1906 chocolate facility tour

The chambers that hold the actual cocoa are big enough to hold an adult.

1906 chocolate facility tour

When the containers are filled, the image is memorizing. The explosion of cocoa hitting your senses almost overwhelms. You’re taken back to your childhood with all those wonderful, delicious moments of enjoying milk and dark chocolate.

1906 Facility Tour chocolate

The next part of the tour took me into the section creating some Bliss – pun intended. 1906 Bliss mixes milk chocolate and peanut butter. The herbs used in the Bliss help alleviate the mood naturally being a great option for uplift your day whenever you need it. The cups are made into trays before packaged and stacked high.

1906 chocolate facility tour

All the orange trays in the photo are filled with Bliss cups.

1906 chocolate facility tour

There are THOUSANDS of Bliss cups ready to be packaged! In order to simplify the process, 1906 uses trays with the THC molded into the cup. Metal trays help create the orange trays pictured above.

1906 chocolate facility tour


The final section of the tour lead me to the area that created the beans we all know and love. The coffee beans tumble inside a machine. As the beans turn, cocoa is poured, evenly coating the beans as they cycle.

1906 chocolate facility tour

1906 chocolate facility tour

Fun fact: I found a hairdryer casually resting on a table. Without fail, I had to inquire.

1906 chocolate facility tour

The fats and herbs added to the chocolate help create the shine we see when we open GO beans. In order to create shine and add the THC sign to each individual bean mind you, they have this hairdryer to keep the chocolate “melted.”

Insider Look:

Did you know that 1906 is rolling out a new product? Do you prefer the experience over the flavor? Does cannabis taste bad to you? This summer 1906 will roll out little micro dose tablets that can be swallowed like any supplement on the market. 1906 chocolate facility tour

Color combinations have to still be finalized however the photo above will be a close match. Each tablet reflects an experience and single origin strain distillate. Enjoy the plant without having to bypass the cannabis flavor.


Find all your favorite 1906 products at the Smokin Gun Apothecary. Save on your favorite edible with the NEW 2019 Smokin Gun Coupon Book available for a limited time.



Speakeasy Party/Coupon Book – The Smokin Gun Update

speakeasy party cbd

Smokin Gun Speakeasy Party

Help Denver’s favorite late-night recreational dispensary, Smokin Gun, celebrate its third anniversary with a speakeasy-themed bash next door at T-Bar in Shotgun Willie’s! Guests will enjoy beats from a live DJ, a photo booth, light bites, one drink ticket, and a CBD-infused glass of bubbles to toast to Smokin Gun all while go-go dancers in Prohibition-era costumes twirl. Tour the dispensary and learn about how it pays homage to the prohibition era and war on drugs from Glendale’s Mayor, Mike Dunafon. The first 50 people in the door at T-Bar will receive a goody bag filled with awesome products and swag valued at up to $75. Prizes will be awarded to lucky guests throughout the night. As a special ‘thank you’ to all its customers, the dispensary will also be honoring the deals below:

  • 6pm-7pm Flower Collective Bubble Joints 50% OFF
  • 7pm-8pm Pax etching with Pax Pod purchase
  • 8pm-9pm Ceria (THC Beer) and Keef Cola Buy One Get One for .10 cents

This event is free, but space is limited so RSVP now to reserve your spot on Eventbrite.


speakeasy coupon book

Smokin Gun 2019 Coupon Book

The Smokin Gun 2019 Coupon Book offers an assortment of deals and promotions designed around the on-the-go individual. No monthly commitment or credit card required, choose how you want to use the book. Take a look at some savings –>

speakeasy coupon book speakeasy coupon book


For only $19.99, enjoy over $200 of savings! Talk to your budtender for more details.


tshirt contest design winner

Smokin Gun T Shirt Contest

Help the Smokin Gun design their new T Shirt. Show off your Smokin Gun or cannabis spirit with your original design for a chance to win a goody bag worth up to $250! Be sure to submit your work by June 1st to Frannie at



420 Circus at the Smokin Gun


420 Denver Circus

Join us at our 420 Circus on Saturday 4/20 from 12-7p for a day filled with fun!

This year’s 420 party will be a real carnival, in fact the only thing missing will be the animals. Come rain, snow, sleet, fog or sunshine, we’ll be in the lot between Smokin Gun and Shotgun Willie’s.

420 Denver Circus

All about the DEALS!

We proud to announce that Stillwater Brands, Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, Ceria Brewing Co, Keef Brands, Mary’s Medicinals and Mezz Life are proud sponsors.

Stillwater – Spend $40 or more and get single serving Ripple for ONLY $ . 10!

Image result for stillwater brands ripple

Mary’s Medicinals – Save 50% on ALL Mary’s Medicinal items from 12-7p on Saturday 4/20

Image result for Mary's Medicinals png

Keef Brands – Buy any Keef item (Cola or Pax Pod) and get any Keef beverage for ONLY $ . 10!

Image result for Keef Cola

Ceria Brewing CoAll Ceria Belgian Cannabis White Ale HALF OFF!

Image result for ceria brewing


The ClearSave 50% on any The Clear Cartridge or Disposable Vape Pen with any The Clear purchase

Image result for the clear

Dixie BrandsSave 50% on any Dixie item with Dixie purchase *excludes gummies*


Image result for dixie elixirs

Mezz BrandsSave 50% on any Mezz item with Mezz purchase

Image result for mezz cartridges

420 Denver Circus

Our 420 Circus will have everything from a DJ, Go Go dancers, a magician, tarot reading, a guy on stilts, face painting, FREE admission to Shotgun Willie’s and a FREE drink from TBar and Patio.


420 Denver Circus  420 Denver Circus


Come hungry! Steady Smokin BBQ and Hot Dog Cart will be cruising around to serve you.


Most importantly, this year we’re teaming up with HeroGrown – a nonprofit organization that provides alternative medicine to veterans and service personnel.


Come party with your favorite premier late night dispensary in Glendale, CO!




March Madness at the Smokin Gun

Spring officially starts 03/20! After surviving a bomb cyclone and an endless winter, end March strong. Here at the Smokin Gun Apothecary we’re ending March with madness. we have a few reasons why we deserve a grand finale:


bud monday march madness smokin Gun

Bud Monday

Monday’s are hard and we’re finding any excuse to enjoy bud, booze and boobs. With every flower purchase – pre-roll, gram, eighth or ounce – enjoy FREE admission and Budweiser at Shotgun Willie’s. Must present receipt to redeem, so don’t forget to ask for a copy to keep for yourself.


weed wednesday march madness smokin gun

Weed Wednesday

Almost finished with the week, you need a kick-back to make it to the end of the week. Every Wednesday, spend $60 or more and enjoy FREE admission into Shotgun Willie’s. Must present receipt to redeem – don’t forget to save one for yourself. Unlike Bud Monday, up to TWO people may enjoy free admission into Shotgun Willie’s because some things are better when experienced together.


ceria march madness smokin gun

Keef/Ceria Happy Hour

Everyday thru 03/31 from 7-9p, get a Keef or Ceria beverage for ONLY $.10 with purchase. Unwind in the evenings with a nice, refreshing Belgian dealcoholized white ale. From the mastermind behind Blue Moon, Ceria is the first to market cannabis beer. Now serving up 10fl oz of perfection for only $.10. You don’t have to make up excuses to enjoy much needed self care.

Prohibition Pass Perks Smokin Deals
Smokin Gun Happy Hour

If you’re looking to explore our dispensary, everyday from 7-9p, enjoy ANY Prohibition Pass deal. You can choose from the following:

  • 35% Off any product
  • $19.99 Eighths
  • $6 unlimited Full Gram Joints
  • $25 Live Resin
  • $25 Wax or Shatter 

Use the 35% Off your favorite cartridge, dab tonight with wax from West Edison, our pre-rolls make an excellent option for those on the go! The options are endless! You don’t have to wait till 7-9p everyday to enjoy deals from the Prohibition Pass. For only $19.95 / month, enjoy saving money on your time.

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Review – Dope Directory

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-1Recently Jesse Grove stopped by the Smokin Gun and grabbed himself some Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods – peanut butter cookies, cinnamon cookies and super moist brownies. After a period of 3 days, Jesse tackled each flavor. “Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has a flavor to suit all your desires and the potency to satisfy all,” says Jesse. Each Cousin Eddie baked good comes with 10, 10 mg cookies or brownies, making 300 mg THC for $62 ($43.40 for locals) a great deal!


Peanut Butter CookiesCousin Eddie Cannabis Co-4

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies (besides having a peanut allergy)? Jesse’s journey begins, “I started by popping the top on the tube. The initial aroma released was that of sweet butter mixed with a hint of peanut and a hint of cannabis.” A strong cannabis for some assures the consumer that indeed there’s THC in each individual cookie. The flavor wont disappoint either. Jesse explains, “The initial flavor of the peanut butter melted beautifully with a slight hint of cannabis and finished with an extremely buttery, rich flavor that seemed to coat my entire mouth.”


Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-3Cinnamon Cookies

I have a personal affinity for snicker-doodle style cookies. The smell of butter, cinnamon and sugar mixed altogether reminds me of my childhood. I remember  grandma baking her delicious cookies on cold winter days.  Cousin Eddie’s cinnamon cookies are more crisp than the peanut butter cookies. Jesse explains, “This time when I buried my nose into the jar, I didn’t detect any initial cannabis smell. All I was smelling was sweet sugar and cinnamon.” Unlike the peanut butter cookies, the cinnamon variety are ideal for those who don’t rely on a strong cannabis flavor. “I would have assumed from the flavor profile that cinnamon would not have been nearly as good at covering up the cannabis flavor as peanut butter or chocolate but much to my surprise I wasn’t even able to tell these were marijuana edibles until after I had eaten both cookies and noticed a slight lingering flavor in my mouth.”


Chocolate Brownies Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-5

“The consistency on these little guys is amazing. I tore one apart in my fingers and was extremely impressed by how moist and flakey these little brownies are.” Brownies are best when super moist and decadent. Jesse continues, “That being said, as soon as I did rip one open an extremely potent cannabis aroma escaped…This tastes like some old school hash brownies that I’d had back in the day.” Jesse warns that those who find the cannabis flavor distasteful, these may not be for you. For some, the cannabis flavor mixed with the dark chocolate is a stoner’s dream.  “For me, this is quite a pleasant experience since this flavor profile is what I’ve come to love about marijuana edibles over the years.”

To read Jesse’s full review, click here.

Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods are available now at the Smokin Gun!

Glendale Business Workshop

Joining the Glendale Chamber of Commerce for a special workshop is always worth the early wake up call .

This past Tuesday, the Chamber held a special workshop on making videos. Thus one by one, local businesses gathered at the Morning Story off Holly and Leetsdale. Greetings and small talk filled the room as breakfast was served. Attendees such as Arcanum, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, and Sugden Wealth Management joined guest speaker Beth Kepler with Mainstream Video Productions for her simplied process on making marketing videos. Even though dispensaries don’t traditionally participate, this day history was made.

Here at Smokin Gun Apothecary, we love to push the new normal. Marijuana is the new normal. We stand by our plant and attending workshops and joining the Glendale community, we’re continuously legitimizing the industry. Be the change you want to see. Now, more on Beth Kepler.

Beth Kepler is the Founder and Producer of Mainstream Video Products. With over ten years of video production experience, she knows a thing or two about making eye catching videos. She broke up the process to 6 simple steps  – 1) Begin with the end, 2) Decide your budget, 3) Create a plan 4) Capture your story, 5) Finish your story and 6) Distribute your video.

Kepler offers her course online available to everyone. Her services include the entire production process. As for Smokin Gun, videos are only the beginning. Marijuana is the new normal and we’re part of the change. Thank you Glendale for being the home of inspiration.

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? You can do so much better…

Image result for divider high resolution  png

Love is in the air all because of Mary Jane. This year ditch the traditional chocolate and bouquet of flowers, and spice up your evening with some THC. Spark up romance with these Valentine inspirations.

valentine day chocolate weed

 Say “High Love You” with 1906’s Lover’s edition. This chocolate heart will excite both him and her with a powerful 5 aphrodisiac herb blend mixed with 10 mg THC/CBD.  Available for purchase Thursday February 14th.

Valentine Day weed chocolate Continue creating the mood this Valentine’s Day with Dixie Elixir’s Bath Soak. Infused with THC, rosemary, lavendar and cedarwood oils, this bath soak is perfect for relieving tension, especially when enjoyed together. Purchase Dixie’s Bath Soak and receive a FREE Dixie Gift Box to complete the perfect presentation for your sweetheart. On Thursday February 14th Buy any Dixie item, get the Bath Soak half off. 

Valentine Day Weed Chocolate Lastly, finish the night with something incredible. Enjoy Buy one get one half off on all Incredibles Chocolate Bars this Thursday February 14th.

Image result for divider high resolution  png