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The REAL Taste of Colorado – Labor Day Weekend

As Coloradans, it's tradition that every year we bring togehter the best music and food at the Taste of Colorado ...
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Smokin Gun Apothecary dispensary

Smokin Gun: Not Your Average Dispensary

There are more dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks.  It's truly remarkable to see just how far the state has come ...
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endocannabinoid system ECS

All About the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Does anyone else question why marijuana isn't more accepted? Cannabis grows naturally in the wild. What if humans had a ...
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710 Dab Daze Concentrate Wax Shatter Cartridge

Join Smokin Gun for 710 Dab Daze

Smoking a dab isn't for the faint for most concentrates have 72-80% THC ! Dabs are versatile however, allowing the ...
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terpenes marijuana

All About Terpenes in Cannabis

Cannabis relies on public support. Without it, we can't continue to redefine the new normal. For this reason, GoFire hosts ...
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pride fest smokin gun discrete

Pride Weekend with Discretion

Pride is around the corner and Denver is dressed in rainbows. The city buzzes with anticipation for this weekend's events ...
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1906 chocolate facility tour

1906 New Highs Facility Tour

1906 Facility Tour Have you ever wondered what goes into making an edible? Do you happen to love chocolate? New ...
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speakeasy party coupon book

Speakeasy Party/Coupon Book – The Smokin Gun Update

Smokin Gun Speakeasy Party Help Denver’s favorite late-night recreational dispensary, Smokin Gun, celebrate its third anniversary with a speakeasy-themed bash ...
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420 Circus at the Smokin Gun

Join us at our 420 Circus on Saturday 4/20 from 12-7p for a day filled with fun! This year's 420 ...
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March Madness at the Smokin Gun

Spring officially starts 03/20! After surviving a bomb cyclone and an endless winter, end March strong. Here at the Smokin ...
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