Smokin Gun: Not Your Average Dispensary

There are more dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks.  It’s truly remarkable to see just how far the state has come since the prohibition era. From patient-driven medical dispensaries to consumer-driven recreational marijuana shops, Colorado is a leader in the cannabis movement. At the forefront of the Denver metro cannabis market, is a renowned recreational dispensary, Smokin Gun Apothecary. The Smokin Gun Apothecary is more than just a cannabis shop, it’s a leader in consumer education. They intertwine a prohibition museum into its stellar shopping experience. When it comes to choosing a dispensary, Smokin Gun Apothecary is a cannabis experience unlike anything else.


Women-Owned and Operated

The Smokin Gun Apothecary is a one-of-a-kind recreational dispensary perfectly located in the Denver metro area (492 South Colorado Blvd. Glendale, Colorado). Its original cannabis shop drives home what the legal marijuana industry represents. Not only is it one of the few women-owned and operated recreational dispensaries, but it’s full of the rich history surrounding drug prohibition. The Smokin Gun dispensary contains a full explanation of the history of marijuana and the role of the war on drugs, which brings us to today. They recognize all the thousands of people once jailed for doing what people freely do today. With the help of the prohibition museum and historical budroom design, Smokin Gun Apothecary crafts a pioneering cannabis experience beyond any other dispensary in Colorado.


Smokin Gun Dispensary is Carrying on The Cannabis Mission

It’s sad, but the focus of many recreational shops is to sell cannabis regardless of educating consumers. It’s common for licensed dispensaries to forget past sacrifices made to make this pioneering industry a reality. The Smokin Gun dispensary is built on the appreciation of the cannabis movement. Rather than solely educate consumers on the current legal cannabis industry, they go a step further to remind consumers of the injustices behind marijuana in our nation. To carry on the mission of the cannabis heroes of the past, Smokin Gun Apothecary blends its dispensary with a prohibition museum.


  • Walking into Smokin Gun dispensary is like going back in time to an old-school speakeasy vibe. A speakeasy lobby greets consumers as they walk through the door. After checking in, the receptionist guides the customer through a hidden doorway which takes them on a journey back to the 1870s.
  • As the hidden door opens, it reveals a beautiful open space full of prohibition history and artwork. Consumers experience the beginning of the drug prohibition era and walk through time before returning to the present.

The Smokin Gun dispensary is a cannabis shopping experience unique to itself. There’s no other recreational shop that embodies the true history of marijuana in the United States. Cannabis consumption is more than just rolling up a joint; it’s a battle of human rights, societal injustices, and false education. The Smokin Gun Apothecary stays true to the roots of the cannabis movement and provides consumers with an educational shopping experience unbeknown to the common person.


Passionate, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Staff

Aside from Smokin Gun dispensary offering a brief journey through the history of marijuana prohibition; its stellar team of cannabis professionals is highly knowledgeable of both the current industry, marijuana products, and the war on drugs. In any dispensary, the budtenders are the face of the cannabis market and handle the final point of sale to the consumer. Smokin Gun Apothecary takes this responsibility to heart and ensures every team member is well-equipped to serve the cannabis community. Every member of the staff leads with passion and kindness.

  • Smokin Gun trains their team on every marijuana product in the shop and provide knowledgeable guidance to help consumers find the best products for them.
  • Each team member learns of the history of marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs to equip themselves with the true meaning and motivation behind what they do.
  • Every cannabis professional with Smokin Gun dispensary is genuinely passionate and driven by what legal marijuana can offer the community.


Smokin Gun Apothecary Represents Quality Cannabis

Shopping with Smokin Gun dispensary is the ultimate cannabis experience. It entails everything the legal marijuana industry embodies; including, the highest quality cannabis menu on the market. Smokin Gun Apothecary does not take quality control lightly. It’s a hyper-compliant recreational shop that works with only the best cannabis cultivators and brands. While Smokin Gun dispensary is all about education, it is also the ideal one-stop-shop for all cannabis consumers. Its menu is full of premium cannabis strains, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and cartridges. Smokin Gun Apothecary is truly one of the most well-rounded recreational dispensaries in the Colorado industry.


All About Terpenes in Cannabis

Cannabis relies on public support. Without it, we can’t continue to redefine the new normal. For this reason, GoFire hosts an educational and networking event called 21st Century Cannabis In order to speak legitimacy into cannabis, GoFire invites experts to guest speak on a specific topic. This month’s guest speaker is Dr. Susan C. Trapp. She earned her PH.D on terpenes from the University of Maryland gaining her the reputation as the Queen of Terpenes. Dr. Trapp enjoys touring the country speaking on terpenes and providing consultation for the cannabis industry. Her expertise bridges the missing link between cannabis and wellness.

“Terpenes play a key role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains. Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity.”

– Bailey Rahn, Leafly 

What is a Terpene?

Definition : A terpene is an organic compound found commonly in algae, fungi, plants and animals. Terpenes are the most diverse plant derivative. As of current, science identified 55K known terpenes (from 30K known in February 2019). Once regarded as simple plant waste, research finds terpenes play a critical role in the medical properties of nature. Terpene research exploded in wake of cannabis legalization. As a result, terpenes are classified as the largest class of natural products.

What is a natural product? A natural product is anything derived from life. A subclass of a natural product are metabolites. Metabolites are compounds essential to life. Consequently, terpenes are part of the secondary metabolite class. Did you know that often times our pharmaceuticals are made from natural products? Yes! Science discovered how to isolate terpenes and synthesize them in a lab. Resulting in most of the pharma available at your local drug store like aspirin and vitamin A.

Examples of Terpenes

Below are common household products that belong to the terpene family.

Vitamin A

    • Image result for Vitamin A

      Found in either plants or animals. Ideal for vision, bone growth, cell function and reproduction.


    • Image result for White Willow Bark

      Derived from White Willow Bark. White Willow Bark is well known for its pain relieving properties – often chewed for immediate relief.

  • Menthol

    • Image result for menthol

       Found in peppermint and other oils. Used to clear congestion and relieve pain.

  • Taxol

    • Image result for taxol

      Taxol is a popular chemotherapy drug

  • Rubber

    • Related image

      Rubber comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree found in tropical climates.

Common Terpenes and Their Uses in Marijuana

  1. Limonene
    1. Found in citrus fruits and other plants, limonene promises to promote weight loss, block cancer-forming chemicals, treat cancer and bronchitis. Limonene’s distinct citrus aroma is known to elevate the high and alleviate stress
  1. Myrcene
    1. Myrcene is responsible for producing that well known mango effect in cannabis. Described as sweet, minty and leafy, mycrene is known to act as a natural painkiller and antioxidant. Known as well for it’s anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.
  2. Pinene
    1. As the name suggests, pinene comes from pine cones/needles, rosemary, dill, basil, and parsley. More research is needed to fully realize pinene’s potential. However, studies do find that pinene promises to alleviate short-term memory loss associated with THC. Also known to combat inflammation as well as acts as an agent to open your airways.
  3. Linalool
    1. Linalool is common in lavender and peanut leaves/stems. Characterized having a lavender smell with a hint of spice. On average people consume 200 grams of linalool naturally every year from the foods we eat. Research suggests linalool properties are ideal for decreasing depression, anxiety and supporting the immune system.
    2. Image result for linalool
  4. Caryophyllene
    1. Common in black pepper, cinnamon, clove, hops, oregano and basil. Caryophyllene gives cannabis that musky/funky smell and is known for it’s antioxidant and noninflammatory properties. Ideal for treating irritable bowel disease, anxiety and depression.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Have you ever wondered why cannabis affects you differently from your friends? Terpenes aren’t unanimous in their source. In fact, the environment greatly impacts the plant’s terpene composition. Similarly, our bodies determine chemically our ideal terpenes using two main receptors. The chart below identifies each receptor dominate location.

Related image

In order to identify the right cannabis for you, we high encourage all users to smell their cannabis before purchase. Smelling the strain allows our nasal passage to pick up the terpene profile. As a result, we’ll experience either a “positive” or “negative” reaction. One example of a “positive” reaction is hair raising on your arms. Whereas, an example of a “negative” reaction is experiencing your stomach turn.

Learn More

Watch the video below to learn more about terpenes!

1906 New Highs Facility Tour

1906 Facility Tour

Have you ever wondered what goes into making an edible? Do you happen to love chocolate? 1906 New Highs regularly opens their facility for tours and we decided to explore. If you don’t know, 1906 is a chocolate edible company that produces such products as Midnight, Chill and as seen on CNN High Love.

1906 high love chocolate


1906 kindly opened their doors for us to take a peak at all that goes into making THC infused chocolates. They’re located on the eastern side of Denver in Henderson, Co. You get a real sense of community when you walk into the 1906 facility.  The best part of 1906 is that everything happens under one roof. Peter Barsoom, the founder and CEO of 1906, has an office next to his admin. His admin resides next to the space where all the magic begins.

When you step into the lobby of 1906, you’re immediately greeted with an open interior decorated with the best of 1906. After signing the guest book, Peter and Maria (my tour guide) extended one of the warmest welcomes. While waiting for the tour begin, the office crew laughed with me over our favorite edible stories, and the chemist and I marveled at Yo-Yo Ma playing whimsically in the background. The care placed into the products is extended to the team working behind the scenes. Love. Love is the glue that holds 1906 together.

1906 chocolate facility tour


Walk with me as we tour the 1906 facility.

1906 Facility Tour chocolate 1906 chocolate facility tour


1906 chocolate facility tour

Unlike other edible companies in Denver, 1906 uses single strain cannabis for all infusions. Using single strain cannabis allows uniformity and control in your experience. Want to know which strain is used? Check the label.

1906 facility tour chocolate

This box used the Blue Dream strain (sativa). On the side every tin or box, 1906 includes information on which strained was used during the production of the chocolate you’re about to enjoy. Extracting the strain looks nothing as I imagined. I’m not exactly sure how I imagined cannabis extract – thinking it’d be green doesn’t make logical sense either.

1906 Facility tour chocolate


In this photo, you see the single strain extraction. Each container holds all the distillates that go into the 1906 edibles. The small room next to the lobby is the area where science meets culinary. The lovely 1906 chemist plays around with THC, CBD, terpenes and plant materials. Plant materials? Yes – more than cocoa, sugar, milk, and cannabis go into the formulation of 1906 chocolate. The GO experience includes plant materials such as galango for a fast energy boost, L-theanine for calming and soothing, caffeine, and theobromine for lowering blood pressure and increased circulation.

1906 chocolate facility tour

Pictured above is a container of cocoa and plant materials mixed together waiting for its distillate. Pictured below is an used container with only a bit of cocoa left. Personally, diving into the bucket and taking a huge sniff sets the tone for the entire tour.

1906 chocolate facility tour


Leaving the small room full of chemistry, I stepped into the room where all the magic happens. The warehouse opened up to a space clearly defined by station depending upon what’s being created, packaged, and stored.  1906 believes in creating a chocolate that doesn’t leave a footprint on our planet. Inside the warehouse, they use the same machines in order to create all the experience chocolate. Great measures are taken to ensure that all equipment is cleaned after each batch.

1906 chocolate facility tour

The chambers that hold the actual cocoa are big enough to hold an adult.

1906 chocolate facility tour

When the containers are filled, the image is memorizing. The explosion of cocoa hitting your senses almost overwhelms. You’re taken back to your childhood with all those wonderful, delicious moments of enjoying milk and dark chocolate.

1906 Facility Tour chocolate

The next part of the tour took me into the section creating some Bliss – pun intended. 1906 Bliss mixes milk chocolate and peanut butter. The herbs used in the Bliss help alleviate the mood naturally being a great option for uplift your day whenever you need it. The cups are made into trays before packaged and stacked high.

1906 chocolate facility tour

All the orange trays in the photo are filled with Bliss cups.

1906 chocolate facility tour

There are THOUSANDS of Bliss cups ready to be packaged! In order to simplify the process, 1906 uses trays with the THC molded into the cup. Metal trays help create the orange trays pictured above.

1906 chocolate facility tour


The final section of the tour lead me to the area that created the beans we all know and love. The coffee beans tumble inside a machine. As the beans turn, cocoa is poured, evenly coating the beans as they cycle.

1906 chocolate facility tour

1906 chocolate facility tour

Fun fact: I found a hairdryer casually resting on a table. Without fail, I had to inquire.

1906 chocolate facility tour

The fats and herbs added to the chocolate help create the shine we see when we open GO beans. In order to create shine and add the THC sign to each individual bean mind you, they have this hairdryer to keep the chocolate “melted.”

Insider Look:

Did you know that 1906 is rolling out a new product? Do you prefer the experience over the flavor? Does cannabis taste bad to you? This summer 1906 will roll out little micro dose tablets that can be swallowed like any supplement on the market. 1906 chocolate facility tour

Color combinations have to still be finalized however the photo above will be a close match. Each tablet reflects an experience and single origin strain distillate. Enjoy the plant without having to bypass the cannabis flavor.


Find all your favorite 1906 products at the Smokin Gun Apothecary. Save on your favorite edible with the NEW 2019 Smokin Gun Coupon Book available for a limited time.



Cannabis Magazine, Lindsey Mintz Featured

Unleash the Cannabis

Have you heard of Arcanum? Allow us to introduce the founder of Arcanum our sister company, Lindsey Mintz. Lindsey is a strong, confident, and dedicated woman. After her struggle with an unexpected illness after a routine breast augmentation, Lindsey discovered the power of hemp. She nursed her body using CBD supplements and changed her diet. Not surprising, Lindsey regained her strength and cured her aliments.  In fact, she took her amazing results to start her very own company! With quick action, Arcanum is born. Arcanum is a full-spectrum activated hemp company providing full-spectrum activated hemp solutions to athletes worldwide!

Woman to Woman

Working with Cannabis Magazine, Nina Faull wrote an amazing article showcasing entrepreneurial women in the hemp and marijuana industries. As a result, Lindsey’s officially joined the ranks along Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. We’re incredibly proud of Lindsey’s accomplishments! Consequently, we encourage you to read Faull’s article Woman to Woman: Cannabis Wellness and learn more about Lindsey’s journey by clicking here.

Curious About Arcanum?

Interested in learning more about Arcanum? Check out the Arcanum website for more information on their products and potential!

Image result for #arcanumedge

IndigoPro Advanced Vapor System

Revolutionary Vaporizing Technology Meets the Finest Cannabis Oils

IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates discretely to let you know it’s working. This innovative ceramic atomizer cartridge technology features the purest cannabis nectar, CO2-extracted from The Farm’s craft cannabis in Boulder, Colorado. 

IndigoPro’s Features & Benefits:

  • Magnetic
  • leak-resistant ceramic cartridges, pop on & off for ease of use
  • Draw indicator discreetly vibrates when activated
  • Clean vapor with no burnt taste
  • Choose from a variety of flavored artisan oils

Indica Midnight Moon: Black and Blue Berry                                                                                                 



This cartridge will knock you into next week, leave you glued to your couch with this berry flavor and potent cannabinoid relief. Unlike your insomnia-ridden co-worker who looks like a zombie, you’ll find rest and serenity following a few hits. 



Indica Cartridge                                                                                                                                               



Take a pull and enter a world of potent relaxation, leaving you relaxed without being glued to your seat. Enjoy this indica cartridge as you enjoy a wonderful movie or reading a good book.




Indica Night Rider – Sugar Plum                                                                                                                  



Get ready for a visit from the Sugar Plum Fairy. Take a pull and wash your taste buds in flavor while the potent indica effects relax your mind and body in essential euphoria.




Sativa Oz’s Orchard – Apply Berry                                                                                                              



You’ll be off to see the Wizard in no time. Enjoy the crisp, sweet flavor of apples and berries along with the soothing effects of quality cannabis extract.



Sativa Sumatran Sunrise – Blood Orange                                                                                                    



If you like citrus, you’re in for a treat. This cartridge packs a powerful punch of citrus flabor and Sativa effects for which Sumatran Sunrise is known. Enjoy bright, lively notes with each pull.







Uplift your way to a clear mind, remove creative blocks and enhance your state of euphoria




Hybrid Mountain Mist – Cool Mint                                                                                                             



Full of cooling explosive mint flavor followed by the well-balanced Hybrid effects, this minty pull will chill your senses.







Take a puff of this well-balanced cannabis oil, carefully crafted to retain equal amounts of body relief and mental clarity making this a true all-purpose option. 




All Indigo Pro Cartridges  are available right now at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 492 S. Colorado Blvd Glendale, Co 80246. You can browse our online menu here.

Catch Melissa Discuss the Cannabis Industry with Civilized

Proudly women owned and operated, Smokin Gun celebrates the freedom to enjoy cannabis recreationally as Civilized gets the 4-1-1 from our very own Melissa. She looks dazzling as she describes what’s it like to work in the cannabis industry and how Smokin Gun is changing the way we view marijuana through acceptance and education.

“Not long ago, everything we do today was illegal. We’re incredibly blessed to be doing this.” – Melissa


710 Dab Daze Concentrates

Why do people use concentrates? Because they like it. Let’s not forget the health benefits of vaping over traditionally smoking marijuana. Whenever you’re inhaling – smoke or vape, you’re inhaling more than cannabinoids and terrapin. Studies found traditional smoking contains over 111 compounds including toxins. In contrast, concentrates test for only 3 compounds. Scientist find that vape users are less likely to experience respiratory problems. The smell of marijuana from vaporizers is less evident making it easier to mask usage.

Image result for live rosin

Concentrates come in a few forms: 1) shatter, 2) wax, 3) resin, 4) rosin and 5) distillate. Shatter often resembles hard candy. Butane or CO2 is used to extract cannabinoids from the marijuana leafs till it forms a hard amber like substance. Wax follows a very similar pattern, however heated at a different temperature to form an ear-wax looking substance.  Live Resin follows the similar process as shatter however it’s extraction comes from flash freeze-dried marijuana leafs. Rosin is a solvent-less extract produced by hand pressing bubble hash from freeze-dried leaves. Distillates take the extraction process further to leave nothing but pure cannabiniods.

Don’t get lost exploring the world of concentrates – we have a few vendors we recommend. Each vendor offers their own unique take on the world of concentrates. Below are the sales associated and special snip-bits for each vendor – Silverpeak, TR Concentrates, Concentrated Love, Summit, Binske, and Evolab. You’re bound to find either cartridge, wax, shatter or resin.

Sales are valid July 10th till midnight July 11th.


SilverPeak                                             See the source image

” We invite you to experience a new way of thinking and feeling about canabis. we are here to turn apprehension into appreciation.”

” Silverpeak is locally farmed, expertly crafted and socially responsible cannabis. We are proud farmers and passionate artisans with advanced degrees in botany, biogenetics and pharmacology. We are connoisseurs who are conscientious citizens and responsible buisnessmen devoted to the health and safety of our community.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: Buy one and save 50% on Bubble Hash

Image result for TR concentrates

TR Concentrates

“Our winning team has years of experience operating closed loop extraction systems and producing world-class extracts. We use only the most advanced extraction equipment and techniques, ensuring that quality material always shines.”

“All live resin products are generally best consumed fresh, but you can also cure them in a cold, dry environment such as a wine cooler for a more developed flavor profile over time.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: 25% off any item

Image result for Concentrated Love

Concentrated Love

“Our proprietary THC & CBD extraction methods ensure that you receive a consistent and effective dose of cannabutter/cannaoil.”

“Over in the Concentrated Love extraction lab you’ll only find the highest grade equipment and solvents along with the best extraction artists in the business.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: Buy one, get one half off

Summit Cannabis

Image result for Summit Concentrates logo

“At SUMMIT we believe Cannabis done right can deliver the perfect elevation. We are committed to crafting our products from clone-to-concentrate and providing the highest quality, most consistent and potent concentrates on the market. We leverage science and innovation in our methods to continually enhance our products – resulting in the perfect elevation for you!”

“We’ve hand-selected each of our strains and nurtured them from clone to finished product – we strive to produce the highest quality concentrates to deliver the perfect elevation. “

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.

Sale: $25 Summit (GHT) Wax, Shatter or Live Resin with Prohibition Pass subscription


Image result for Binske logo

“Our farm-to-table products are made with premium artisan ingredients from all over the world — while driven by a single ambition: to make the best-tasting and highest quality cannabis products anywhere. Binske represents a complexity of flavors and sensations with every bite, sip or hit.”

“And because our products are about a human connection, our guests are always offered a social experience that benefits the individual community and environment our natural ingredients come from.”

“I discovered Binkse concentrates a few months ago. Their quality, taste, and packaging are amazing! I love the containers and the boxes they come in – they are works of art! The flavors are just indescribable. I always stock up, because it sells out quickly at my local dispensary. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Binske! Your products are amazing and you have a loyal customer with me.” – Jennifer

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.

Sale: Buy one Binske edible, get a Binske edible for $.10.

          Buy one Binske live resin, get a Binske live resin for  $.10.


Image result for Evolab logo png

“I work in the cannabis industry, have tried just about every product for personal research and love what Evo is doing. No butane, no gimmicks, just a solid product. As close to natural as it gets. Great job guys!” – Steve G

“These guys kill it on so many levels, consistently pushing boundaries and moving this industry in a positive direction. Much love to Evolab, can’t wait to see what they do next.
– Woody M

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.


Sale:  Save 50% off any item


Which concentrate is better? That’s based on personal preference. We recommend speaking to any of our knowledgeable budtenders to match you with the perfect concentrate. Speak to any of the vendors on July 10th to learn more about the concentrates they offer. Happy Dab Daze!


Happy Daze – Save on Your Next Ounce

Every once in a while you need weed and lots of it. Perhaps you found a strain you absolutely love? Perhaps you have guests to entertain? Perhaps you’re broke, and you need a great deal like the one going on right now at the Smokin Gun? Our Happy Daze will certainly suite the bill.

From open to close, Sunday through Wednesday, get an ounce for ONLY $99! This deal is good for EVERYONE, local or not, we don’t discriminate. However, if you’re a Prohibition Pass member, you pay $89! Not a member? Why not join the Prohibition Pass subscription. Not only save on your flower needs, we designed the pass to save you on all your cannabis needs. We have a ton of deals on wax, shatter, live resin, topicals, edibles and more.

Here’s the deal, our ounce special is available on select strains. Check them out – We have some amazing flower to choose:

Star Killer

See the source image

Star Killer, winner of Best Hybrid Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2. The dense, purple buds offer a sweet, lemon flavor, and aid in treating pain, insomnia, AIDS, PTSD and GI Disorder.


  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifted


Cherry Diesel

See the source image

Cherry Diesel  combines Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel into one sweet-smelling, uplifting hybrid strain. Its plants bloom with dense, sticky buds that give off a fragrant cherry aroma after its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle


  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

Grapefruit Diesel

See the source image

Grapefruit Diesel is a hybrid strain that is usually indica-dominant but gives most users a focused mental high that is more commonly associated with sativas. With THC levels between 15 and 20%, the effects should be as strong as the scent. The energetic buzz comes on fast but tends to smooth out over time.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifted

Princess Leia

See the source image

Green nugs with red hairs and lots of frosty tri-combs is what this strain has at first glance with its funky and spicy herbs and hashy undertones. Once smoked, it will leave your head clear and focused while your body is relaxed from pain and stress. It wont lock anyone to the couch, so it is safe to use during the day. Just don’t take too much in one go.


  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed


No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the perfect strain. Stop into the Smokin Gun to sign up for the Prohibition Pass subscription and cash in on this dazing deal.

Capture Smokin Deals with Prohibition Pass Perks

Dispensaries are a dime-a-dozen throughout the Denver metro area. Every neighborhood houses several options for marijuana users to partake. For daily users such as myself, we can opt to get our medical license, or constantly keep an eye out for deals on third party sites. What if there’s a better way?

We created a program with you in mind. Designed to ease the needs for recreational users, the Prohibition Pass combines convenience and accessibility for only $19.99/month. Being a Prohibition Pass member has its perks.

Prohibition Pass Perks

  1. Receive a special Thank-You Gift when you sign up
  2. 35% off on any item *Excludes items already discounted and PAX 2 & 3**
  3. $19.99 any Eighth **Limit one per day**
  4. $6 unlimited joints **excludes hash*
  5. $25 wax, shatter, or live resin **Limit one per day**
  6. $99 Ounces **Select strains only**
  7. Smokin Specials
  8. Birthday 10 ¢ gram **Valid on birthday only, must present ID**

Let’s talk about these perks –

Receive a Special Thank-You Gift

Our gift bags include various items guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end. Items include cool magazines, lanyards, discounts, and fun memorabilia. Usually reserved for budtenders – our gift bags connect you to marijuana on a whole new level.

35% Off Any Item

This offer can’t be applied to already discounted items or Pax 2 and 3. However, we offer an incredible selection of cannabis products to apply the discounts. We have awesome apparel such as lightweight hoodies and tees, customized glass pipes, and insanely delicious edibles:

Dixie Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar

Coda Crescendo Collection – comes with three flavors 1) Earl Grey, 2) Juniper Lemon and 3) Burnt Caramel.


We carry ALL your favorite edible brands – Love’s Oven, Coda, Dixie, Americanna, Cheeba Chews, IT sucks, Willie’s Reserve, Incredibles, Ripple and much more. Use the 35% off discount to explore new flavors and products you wouldn’t previously.

$19.99 ANY Eighth

You read that right, come get your favorite flower for only $19.99 – limit once per day. With a deal like this on flower, you have the chance to rotate bud as often as you desire. We carry District 8, Cherry, Binske, CPS and more.

$6 Unlimited Joints

This offer excludes hash and applies to specific strains. Don’t worry, our knowledgeable budtenders are always available to help you. Before going to concerts, events, or meeting with your buddies, a stack of joints will surely impress your friends as you’re about to make the moment lit.

$25 Wax, Shatter or Live Resin

Currently West Edison and GHT are available once per day for all concentrate specials on the Prohibition Pass.  Whether you’re an experienced dabber or just starting, West Edison and GHT offer highly quality, potent concentrates bound to suit all your needs.

$99 Ounce 

Almost too good to be true! We are dangerously close to medical prices on this deal. On select strains, you can stock up for an amazing evening with friends and family or enjoy over a course of time, you wont find a better deal in Denver.

Birthday 10¢ Gram

Happy Birthday – come in on the day of your birthday to treat yourself to a 10¢ gram.

Sign UP

Signing up is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Visit the Smokin Gun dispensary at 492 South Colorado Blvd in Glendale
  2. Speak to a budtender
  3. Sign up for the Prohibition Pass

That’s it! You’re now a member to a truly unique experience. Find your deals, your cannabis needs and friends all located in one convenient location. The Prohibition Pass is how we are lighting the way together. See you soon.

See the source image

Memorial Weekend Sale 2018

 Memorial Weekend Sale 2018 is here and we have the sale to send you off. As grills roll out and tables are set, bring us with you everywhere you go.  Few of our deals include Keef Cola, Americanna gummies, District 8 flower and The Clear concentrates – quite a variety to keep Memorial Day Weekend fun, fabulous and filling. Sale Valid from 5/25-5/28. **While Supplies Last, Restrictions Apply**

Keef Cola: 

Buy one Keef Cola, get one for $.10

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Save 50% on any American item

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District 8:

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The Clear:

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Mary’s Medicinals:

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