Ganjapreneur Features Lindsey Mintz in Podcast

Last month Ganjapreneur interviewed Lindsey Mintz, part owner of Smokin Gun Apothecary and Arcanum. During the interview, TG Branfalt (host) and Lindsey covered everything from the history of the prohibition to the dynamics of running a dispensary and CBD company. Lindsey is the energy behind what makes cannabis great! After all, she is dedicated to combining education and retail. What is our sister company Arcanum? Arcanum offers hemp-derived CBD. While Smokin Gun must carry CBD products containing THC, Arcanum answers the call for THC-less CBD.  Since Arcanum’s CBD solutions contain ZERO THC, it can be shipped anywhere. Check out Arcanum and their hemp-derived CBD here. Listen to TG and Lindsey’s interview on the Ganjapreneur podcast here.

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TG Branfalt – Host of Ganjapreneur Podcast

Ascend Cannabis Oil Review

Cannabis oil takes science and craft to create the perfect distillate. At Ascend Cannabis, science and craft come together to create an experience like none other. Jesse Grove with the Dope Directory stopped by the Smokin Gun and picked up a few experience cartridges. He then proceeded to go home and enjoy his new found prizes.  First, what are experience cartridges?

 Ascend High Terpene Extract

The secret in the sauce. Their High Terpene Extract (HTE) is the result of our innovative approach to capturing a wider breadth of flavor, aroma and cannabinoids for a true-to-the-plant experience. In fact there are no solvents, waxes, fats or other undesirables, just premium cannabis oil.

HTE carts offer all the flavor and potency of a dab, on-the-go. Their newly engineered smart cart optimizes vapor production to deliver big, beautiful hits that pack a punch. Experience the Ascend difference, their Water Clear cannabis terpenes make their HTE carts the truest representation of your favorite strains.

Jesse’s Experience

“If you haven’t had a chance to sample anything from Ascend Cannabis before, I can personally vouch for the purity, potency, and all-around quality represented by these fine oils. Their cartridges have quickly raised up on my list to become one of my absolute favorites. They’ve proved superior understanding in terpene balance better than the majority of other extraction companies out there nowadays. With their refined CO2 extraction methods, they’ve tactfully entered the new age of designer cannabis oils. With award-winning products coming out of their lab such as CBD Diamonds I can only wait to see what amazing revolutionary product Ascend will come up with next.” – Jesse Grove

Read Jesse’s Ascend Review Here

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Review – Dope Directory

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-1Recently Jesse Grove stopped by the Smokin Gun and grabbed himself some Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods – peanut butter cookies, cinnamon cookies and super moist brownies. After a period of 3 days, Jesse tackled each flavor. “Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has a flavor to suit all your desires and the potency to satisfy all,” says Jesse. Each Cousin Eddie baked good comes with 10, 10 mg cookies or brownies, making 300 mg THC for $62 ($43.40 for locals) a great deal!


Peanut Butter CookiesCousin Eddie Cannabis Co-4

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies (besides having a peanut allergy)? Jesse’s journey begins, “I started by popping the top on the tube. The initial aroma released was that of sweet butter mixed with a hint of peanut and a hint of cannabis.” A strong cannabis for some assures the consumer that indeed there’s THC in each individual cookie. The flavor wont disappoint either. Jesse explains, “The initial flavor of the peanut butter melted beautifully with a slight hint of cannabis and finished with an extremely buttery, rich flavor that seemed to coat my entire mouth.”


Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-3Cinnamon Cookies

I have a personal affinity for snicker-doodle style cookies. The smell of butter, cinnamon and sugar mixed altogether reminds me of my childhood. I remember  grandma baking her delicious cookies on cold winter days.  Cousin Eddie’s cinnamon cookies are more crisp than the peanut butter cookies. Jesse explains, “This time when I buried my nose into the jar, I didn’t detect any initial cannabis smell. All I was smelling was sweet sugar and cinnamon.” Unlike the peanut butter cookies, the cinnamon variety are ideal for those who don’t rely on a strong cannabis flavor. “I would have assumed from the flavor profile that cinnamon would not have been nearly as good at covering up the cannabis flavor as peanut butter or chocolate but much to my surprise I wasn’t even able to tell these were marijuana edibles until after I had eaten both cookies and noticed a slight lingering flavor in my mouth.”


Chocolate Brownies Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co-5

“The consistency on these little guys is amazing. I tore one apart in my fingers and was extremely impressed by how moist and flakey these little brownies are.” Brownies are best when super moist and decadent. Jesse continues, “That being said, as soon as I did rip one open an extremely potent cannabis aroma escaped…This tastes like some old school hash brownies that I’d had back in the day.” Jesse warns that those who find the cannabis flavor distasteful, these may not be for you. For some, the cannabis flavor mixed with the dark chocolate is a stoner’s dream.  “For me, this is quite a pleasant experience since this flavor profile is what I’ve come to love about marijuana edibles over the years.”

To read Jesse’s full review, click here.

Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods are available now at the Smokin Gun!

Joints, Blunts and Cannagars with Jesse Grove

#JessetheGroveJesse Grove with Dope Directory knows his dope. After all, he’s been an avid toker since before legalization. Recently he ventured into our shop and grab himself three beautiful and fulfilling pre-rolls from The Flower Collective, Honest Marijuana Co and Blunt Lyfe. On one fateful Saturday morning, Jesse and his crew lit on up and so the passing began. Pre-rolls are reinventing the weed game adding bubble hash and featuring specific strains. Catch up on Jesse’s take on The Flower Collective’s Bubble Joint, Honest Marijuana Honest Blunt and the Blunt Lyfe G.O.A.T (Great Of All Time) Cannagar here.  All three crave worthy pre-rolls are available right now at the Smokin Gun Apothecary. Come get your toke on!


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Cannabis Magazine, Lindsey Mintz Featured

Unleash the Cannabis

Have you heard of Arcanum? Allow us to introduce the founder of Arcanum our sister company, Lindsey Mintz. Lindsey is a strong, confident, and dedicated woman. After her struggle with an unexpected illness after a routine breast augmentation, Lindsey discovered the power of hemp. She nursed her body using CBD supplements and changed her diet. Not surprising, Lindsey regained her strength and cured her aliments.  In fact, she took her amazing results to start her very own company! With quick action, Arcanum is born. Arcanum is a full-spectrum activated hemp company providing full-spectrum activated hemp solutions to athletes worldwide!

Woman to Woman

Working with Cannabis Magazine, Nina Faull wrote an amazing article showcasing entrepreneurial women in the hemp and marijuana industries. As a result, Lindsey’s officially joined the ranks along Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. We’re incredibly proud of Lindsey’s accomplishments! Consequently, we encourage you to read Faull’s article Woman to Woman: Cannabis Wellness and learn more about Lindsey’s journey by clicking here.

Curious About Arcanum?

Interested in learning more about Arcanum? Check out the Arcanum website for more information on their products and potential!

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Catch Melissa Discuss the Cannabis Industry with Civilized

Proudly women owned and operated, Smokin Gun celebrates the freedom to enjoy cannabis recreationally as Civilized gets the 4-1-1 from our very own Melissa. She looks dazzling as she describes what’s it like to work in the cannabis industry and how Smokin Gun is changing the way we view marijuana through acceptance and education.

“Not long ago, everything we do today was illegal. We’re incredibly blessed to be doing this.” – Melissa


710 Dab Daze Concentrates

Why do people use concentrates? Because they like it. Let’s not forget the health benefits of vaping over traditionally smoking marijuana. Whenever you’re inhaling – smoke or vape, you’re inhaling more than cannabinoids and terrapin. Studies found traditional smoking contains over 111 compounds including toxins. In contrast, concentrates test for only 3 compounds. Scientist find that vape users are less likely to experience respiratory problems. The smell of marijuana from vaporizers is less evident making it easier to mask usage.

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Concentrates come in a few forms: 1) shatter, 2) wax, 3) resin, 4) rosin and 5) distillate. Shatter often resembles hard candy. Butane or CO2 is used to extract cannabinoids from the marijuana leafs till it forms a hard amber like substance. Wax follows a very similar pattern, however heated at a different temperature to form an ear-wax looking substance.  Live Resin follows the similar process as shatter however it’s extraction comes from flash freeze-dried marijuana leafs. Rosin is a solvent-less extract produced by hand pressing bubble hash from freeze-dried leaves. Distillates take the extraction process further to leave nothing but pure cannabiniods.

Don’t get lost exploring the world of concentrates – we have a few vendors we recommend. Each vendor offers their own unique take on the world of concentrates. Below are the sales associated and special snip-bits for each vendor – Silverpeak, TR Concentrates, Concentrated Love, Summit, Binske, and Evolab. You’re bound to find either cartridge, wax, shatter or resin.

Sales are valid July 10th till midnight July 11th.


SilverPeak                                             See the source image

” We invite you to experience a new way of thinking and feeling about canabis. we are here to turn apprehension into appreciation.”

” Silverpeak is locally farmed, expertly crafted and socially responsible cannabis. We are proud farmers and passionate artisans with advanced degrees in botany, biogenetics and pharmacology. We are connoisseurs who are conscientious citizens and responsible buisnessmen devoted to the health and safety of our community.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: Buy one and save 50% on Bubble Hash

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TR Concentrates

“Our winning team has years of experience operating closed loop extraction systems and producing world-class extracts. We use only the most advanced extraction equipment and techniques, ensuring that quality material always shines.”

“All live resin products are generally best consumed fresh, but you can also cure them in a cold, dry environment such as a wine cooler for a more developed flavor profile over time.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: 25% off any item

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Concentrated Love

“Our proprietary THC & CBD extraction methods ensure that you receive a consistent and effective dose of cannabutter/cannaoil.”

“Over in the Concentrated Love extraction lab you’ll only find the highest grade equipment and solvents along with the best extraction artists in the business.”

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 12-3p

Sale: Buy one, get one half off

Summit Cannabis

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“At SUMMIT we believe Cannabis done right can deliver the perfect elevation. We are committed to crafting our products from clone-to-concentrate and providing the highest quality, most consistent and potent concentrates on the market. We leverage science and innovation in our methods to continually enhance our products – resulting in the perfect elevation for you!”

“We’ve hand-selected each of our strains and nurtured them from clone to finished product – we strive to produce the highest quality concentrates to deliver the perfect elevation. “

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.

Sale: $25 Summit (GHT) Wax, Shatter or Live Resin with Prohibition Pass subscription


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“Our farm-to-table products are made with premium artisan ingredients from all over the world — while driven by a single ambition: to make the best-tasting and highest quality cannabis products anywhere. Binske represents a complexity of flavors and sensations with every bite, sip or hit.”

“And because our products are about a human connection, our guests are always offered a social experience that benefits the individual community and environment our natural ingredients come from.”

“I discovered Binkse concentrates a few months ago. Their quality, taste, and packaging are amazing! I love the containers and the boxes they come in – they are works of art! The flavors are just indescribable. I always stock up, because it sells out quickly at my local dispensary. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Binske! Your products are amazing and you have a loyal customer with me.” – Jennifer

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.

Sale: Buy one Binske edible, get a Binske edible for $.10.

          Buy one Binske live resin, get a Binske live resin for  $.10.


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“I work in the cannabis industry, have tried just about every product for personal research and love what Evo is doing. No butane, no gimmicks, just a solid product. As close to natural as it gets. Great job guys!” – Steve G

“These guys kill it on so many levels, consistently pushing boundaries and moving this industry in a positive direction. Much love to Evolab, can’t wait to see what they do next.
– Woody M

Onsite at the Smokin Gun Apothecary 7/10 from 4-7p.


Sale:  Save 50% off any item


Which concentrate is better? That’s based on personal preference. We recommend speaking to any of our knowledgeable budtenders to match you with the perfect concentrate. Speak to any of the vendors on July 10th to learn more about the concentrates they offer. Happy Dab Daze!


A strip club and a Smokin Gun: New Colorado pot shop stirring up intrigue

GLENDALE — Colorado’s newest pot shop has some wondering whether strippers and weed are too closely aligned on a busy highway just east of downtown Denver.

The Smokin Gun Apothecary opened on a site formerly occupied by the Denver area’s best known strip club, Shotgun Willie’s. The strip club hasn’t gone away — it’s moved just across the parking lot, testing ethical and potentially legal issues about the state’s growing legal recreational pot industry.

Beyond banning the sale of pot and alcohol in the same shop, Colorado has no regulation regarding marijuana and other adult businesses. Zoning rules require shops to be away from schools or anywhere children congregate.

A bowl of marijuana sits next to the Smokin Gun’s one-gram containers, which are designed to look like shotgun shells, naturally. (Brennan Linsley, The Associated Press)

Colorado’s rules about using pot are hazier. The state bans public marijuana consumption. But the state allows local governments to decide whether to allow private pot clubs. Smokin’ Gun is preparing a rooftop lounge area in anticipation of a local ordinance to allow shoppers to toke up.

Both businesses have the same owner, who envisions pot shoppers getting discounted drinks at the strip club. Deborah Dunafon plans to sell mugs at the pot shop that customers can use for a free beer at the strip club. Colorado law bans the sale of both marijuana and alcohol at the same place, so there won’t be any alcohol flowing where weed is sold, she said. Read More

Former Denver strip club space gets a new lease on life as a marijuana shop

In November 2013, Colorado strip club Shotgun Willie’s closed its doors at 490 S. Colorado Blvd. forever — and immediately reopened some brand new doors right across the parking lot.

The new Shotgun Willie’s is bigger, brighter and better — and the old building will soon be demolished so that construction can start for the site’s new tenants: A marijuana shop.

“I think it’s going to happen,” said Glendale’s deputy city manager Chuck Line about the pot shop that will be the city’s fifth marijuana outlet once it finishes its applications and construction.

The name of the new shop might tickle longtime Coloradans: The Smoking Gun, a play off the space’s former tenant Shotgun Willie’s.


“You’ve gotta love it,” said Line. “Only in Glendale.”

The Smoking Gun hasn’t finished everything it needs to be a sure-thing, but Line feels good about the owners and said they’ll be a good fit with Glendale’s other cannabis businesses.

“All of these marijuana owners, in Glendale at least, are good business people,” said Line. “They look before they leap.”