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Ganjapreneur Features Lindsey Mintz in Podcast

Last month Ganjapreneur interviewed Lindsey Mintz, part owner of Smokin Gun Apothecary and Arcanum. During the interview, TG Branfalt (host) and Lindsey covered everything from the history of the prohibition to the dynamics of running a dispensary and CBD company. Lindsey is the energy behind what makes cannabis great! After all, she is dedicated to combining education and retail. What is our sister company Arcanum? Arcanum offers hemp-derived CBD. While Smokin Gun must carry CBD products containing THC, Arcanum answers the call for THC-less CBD.  Since Arcanum’s CBD solutions contain ZERO THC, it can be shipped anywhere. Check out Arcanum and their hemp-derived CBD here. Listen to TG and Lindsey’s interview on the Ganjapreneur podcast here.

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TG Branfalt – Host of Ganjapreneur Podcast

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