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“Super friendly staff that greets you immediately. They are extremely helpful for newbies, like me-;)” mpenick – WeedMaps

“I love this dispensary! Extremely friend staff that show you the best looking bud, edibles and concentrates this state has to offer. You gotta come in not only for the products but for the amazing building design and message they strive to teach at The Smokin Gun Apothocery :)!” Lilsmarti – WeedMaps

Meet Stephanie
lead budtender at the Smokin Gun Apothecary

Meet Dee
lead budtender and all around MJ aficionado

“I have been to many dispensaries both medical and recreational and I have never encountered a shop quite like this. I was helped by a gentleman that has been in the industry for many years and it definitely showed, the pre prohibition Era setup was my favorite. He explained to me the focus and their story and that really set them apart, how the many dispensaries that are out there today couldn’t of existed without that story as well. But no one speaks about it like the smoking gun does. Friendly staff, knowledgeable, and love the tag system, I don’t have to wait behind an undecided customer. Overall I had a great experience and recommend anyone to at the very least visit.” ghost123 – WeedMaps