The REAL Taste of Colorado – Labor Day Weekend

As Coloradans, it’s tradition that every year we bring togehter the best music and food at the Taste of Colorado. This year experience a new tradition and enjoy  the REAL Taste of Colorado at the Smokin Gun. What makes it “REAL?” Ingredients come from all over the country for most of the food showcased at the Taste of Colorado. For cannabis, it’s a bit different. We grow, harvest, manufacture, purchase and consume all in one location.

In addition to our awesome daily deals like $19.99 eighths, $25 concentrates and 35% off ANY item, we’re delivering a taste of everything:

Stillwater / Ripple – Buy 2 Get 1 for ONLY $0.10

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Ripple is a calorie-less, odorless and tasteless water dissoluble THC distillate powder. Stay feeling your best as you enjoy downtown by adding CBD to your water. Make anything an edible by simply sprinkling a Ripple packet over your favorite treat. Stillwater gummies are powered by Ripple. They are a delicious way to enjoy Ripple or supplement CBD into your routine.

Binske – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off on flower and chocolate

Binske flower is found nowhere else. Binske Flower is potent and full of flavor. Binkse Chocolate? They’re chocolate is made from once extinct South American cacao. The chocolate is firm, melts in your mouth without bitter notes. Grab your Raspberry, Hazelnut, Sea Salt

Tastebudz – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

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Tastebudz have a different consistency from the Stillwater Gummies. They’re more like gelatin. They wiggle and jiggle and they’re available in fun flavors like Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Kiwi-Strawberry, Tropical Punch – YUM! Benefit: first ingredient is NOT high fructose corn syrup. BINGO!

Northern Standard – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

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Don’t forget –>

Get a $6 Joint when you spend $49 or more (applicable with ANY of our Labor Day Weekend Sales)

Get a $5 Gram (select strains) AND a $6 Joints when you spend $59 or more (applicable with ANY of our Labor Day Weekend Sales)

Get a $19.99 Eighth, a $5 Gram AND a $6 Joint when you spend $99 or more (applicable with ANY of our Labor Day Weekend Sales).

Taste of Colorado will have an abundance of food and music and beer. Support your local dispensary with these easy deals that allow you take your cannabis with you.

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