Labor Day Weekend Sale

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. Are you ready to end summer enjoying savory grilled meats, refreshingly cool beverages, games with family and nights out with friends? This weekend goes out to all 163 million of you hustling every single day.  Smokin Gun, Stillwater, District 8, Mezz, and Cherry got together to bring you some of the biggest savings yet. Marijuana is legal now, create new traditions. Since the American workforce relies on marijuana to soothe all aches and pains, relax after grueling hours, and uplift any event, you deserve a kick back this weekend. So kick back. Relax. This is Labor Day weekend. This is YOUR weekend.

But first,

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7 Interesting Facts about Labor Day

  1. Labor Day originates from Toronto, Canada in 1872 as a serious demonstration of rights for workers.
  2. The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882 in New York City where 10000 workers took a non-paid day off to march in the streets before ending at a park to join their families for food and fun.
  3. Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day an official holiday.
  4. Labor Day is a celebration of the achievements of the 163 million individuals in the workforce.
  5. In the late 1880’s, the workforce average 12 hour days, 7 days a week including children as young as 5 employed in factories and mines.
  6. In 1916, Congress passed a bill establishing the 8 hour work day
  7. The “no white after labor day” was thought to come from the artistrocrats who used Labor Day to mark the end of summer and packed away their lighter fare white clothing.


Fortunately, we’re past demonstrations and 12 hour work days…..

No matter, we have other methods to maintain the peace. This Labor Day Weekend find ways to save no matter how you consume marijuana. Prepare to save on flower, edibles and concentrates. NICE!

Labor Day Weekend Deals:

Photo of Smokin Gun Apothecary - Glendale, CO, United States. The best team in Denver!


It all started with a pot brownie…now a giant marijuana edible company in Colorado, Stillwater offers tea, gummies, solvent-less, odorless, flavorless, and calorie-less THC packets. Essentially with these Ripple packets, anything is now an edible. Plan on grilling steak or hamburgers? In charge of making potato salad? Want your own pot brownie? These packets are a great way to this weekend lit up.

Buy any Stillwater/Ripple/Whitewater item, get your second one for $.10 *excludes gummies*

Mezz Brands

Focus on the experience, Mezz Brands stepped away from the traditional sativa, hybrid and indica labels.  Marijuana intake is all about what you’re experiencing, so choose your experience. Rather chill out and relax? Wish to be inspired?  Need an uplift? Choose from experiences: Gold (Pure THC), Up Tempo (uplifting, energetic), Inspire (creative, thought provoking), Mellow (chill, refreshing).

Buy any Mezz item, get your second Mezz item half off

District 8

Founders of District 8 might’ve loved The Hunger Games as much as the next creating such a striking name. District 8 is an agricultural Colorado company ensuring completely transparency from seed to blunt. They derive practices from ethical principals believing everyone deserves a clean, organic bud when you smoke. The results are astonishing! You can taste the District 8 difference in every bowl.

Buy any District 8 gram or eighth, get a District 8 joint for $.10


Cherry is unique in that they offer both flower and concentrates. Each bud reveals a decadent display of terpenes and hairs that’s gaurantee to carry your high.

Buy any Cherry cartridge, gram or eighth, get a Cherry joint for $.10

Smokin Gun Exclusive Deals

All the reasons why we’re simply the most magical dispensary in Denver is infinite. We appreciate all the years of local support. We’ve made friends and memories and now it’s time for you cash in. This Labor Day Weekend:

Get a $6 gram when you spend $39.

Get a $5 joint when you spend $49.

Join the best dispensary in Denver to make this weekend lit. You work hard enough during the week and if you’re stuck working the weekend also, grab yourself a nice treat. For we must always remember: work hard, play harder. 

Mother’s Day Sale | Smokin Gun

Mother’s Day is finally here.

Mom. A mother’s love is unconditional. She wraps us in her arms, encourages us when we’re struggling, and see’s us through the worst of times till we find ourselves in the best of times. Nothing is as tender or sincere as the love a mother.

She deserves more than the usual flowers and chocolates bought from the local drug store. She deserves something a bit more remarkable this year.

For Mother’s Day weekend, we have a few sales sure to spark ideas to surprise your own mom.

Willie’s ReserveSave 50% on 2pk rolls  (5/11-5/13)

1906 Buy any chocolate, get a 6pk chocolate for $1 (5/11-5/13)

Or         Buy any chocolate, get Micro Does Mom Beans for $3 *excludes 100 mg beans** (5/11-5/13)

Smokin Gun JointsBuy any chocolate bar, get a $6 pre-roll  (5/11-5/13)

**while supplies last, can’t stack discounts, restrictions apply**

We’re open from 8am – midnight every day. Even if you wait, we have great last minute gift ideas. Any member of our team can help you discover ways you can show her love and appreciation.

Mother's Day Sale Gifts Chocolates

Cinco De Mayo Sale (5/5 – 5/6)


Cinco De Mayo is this weekend and Denver will be lit. Before you head out, stop by the Smokin Gun Apothecary to save on your ganja.


Binkse – Buy any gram of live resin and get 50% off a Binkse chocolate bar     5/5-5/6

1906 – Buy any 1906 item and get any 1906 Chocolate for $1      5/5-5/6

Ripple/Stillwater/Clockwork – Save 50% any Ripple, Stillwater or Clockwork item    5/5-5/6

Ongoing Sales:

Pre Pack Bowls – $20 OTD

Cinco De Mayo Survival Kit – $25 OTD

1/8th Cones – $25 OTD

Ounces – $99

Quarters – $30

** While supplies last, restrictions apply **

A Shotgun Circus | Four Twenty 2018 | 420 Denver

Denver, Mark your calendars for ‘A Shotgun’s Circus’ on 420 (April 20th, 2018) . PARTY outside in parking lot from 12-7p & enjoy the colossal SALE inside throughout the entire weekend!
Vendors – Games- Prizes- Glass Blowing – Dj – Snowcones- Food Truck

Hosted by: Smokin Gun & Shotgun Willie’s
Sponsored by: 1906, Americanna, 1906, Ripple, Cherry and Arcanum

Sweet 420 deals from top vendors all weekend long – Sale valid Friday 4/20 thru Sunday 4/22

1906: BOGO $1 on Chocolates only.
Cherry: Sale: BUY A CART OR PEN, GET A .10 GRAM
Mary’s Medicinals: Buy any Mary’s Product and get one half off
Willies Reserve:SAVE 30% OFF ANY WILLIE’S RESERVE pre-rolls only
Dixie-Save 50% off any DIXIE item
Americanna: Save 50% off any AMERICANNA item
Loves Oven- Save 50% off any LOVES OVEN edibles
District 8: BUY ANY DISTRICT 8 1/8th, GET A .10 GRAM

YUMA-$99 select ounces

(*restrictions apply / can’t stack discounts / while supplies last)

CannaSaver– prizes only
Dope Directory: prizes only
Pot Guide– prizes only

Facebook invite/ RSVP:

…. Please share invite!

View our Menu:

St Patty’s Weekend Sale

Today kicks off the St Patty’s weekend sale and we’ve got some

Smokin deals! 
@binske_ -Save 50% on Olive Oil

@evolabco2 -Save 50% on any product

@cherry_colorado -Save 50% on Cartridges and Disposable Vape Pens

@dixiebrands -Mix and Match and 3 products for $43

@karingkindfanclub -Buy a 250mg Disposable Vape Pen, Get a 100mg Disposable Vape Pen for $.10

*Sales valid 3/16/18-3/18/18, can’t stack discounts, while supplies last

thanks to all our vendors!

Smokin Gun’s 2 year Anniversary Sale

2 year Anniversary Sale !!  FEB 7-11th

BIG  savings & free schwag for all!

Ebbu Deal: BOGO 50% off on all EBBU products

Canyon Cultivation Deal: Buy one Get one 50% off

Cherry- Deal: #1– Buy and 1/8th, get a  10 cent gram  #2– Buy a Cart get a .10 gram

Stillwater – Deal: 50% for everyone (locals & out of state – can’t stack discount)

Loves Oven-  Deal: 50% off ANY Loves Item (locals and out of state- can’t stack discounts)

Vendors on location:

Canyon CultivationPop-up @ 2/7 4-7pm

Cherry- Pop-up @ 2/7 4-7p (free battery during pop up)

Stillwater – Pop-up @  2/8 4p-7 |




Green Friday Weekend Sale Nov 24-26th

Shop till you  drop! Join us over Black Friday Weekend 11/24- 26th. Open 8am to midnight daily!  Smokin Sales from Colorado’s top cannabis vendors.

Check out all the canna-deals!

Black Friday Sales 11/24-26th

1906– BOGO 50% off. valid: 11/24 only

Americanna– Mix n match 3 for $62 or Buy One Get One 50%. valid: 11/24

District 8– Buy Any 1/8th Get a 10 cent gram. valid: 11/24

Cherry BOGO 50% off pens & carts. valid: 11/24- 26th

Stillwater– BOGO for $1. valid: 11/24 – 25th

Loves Oven– BOGO 50% off edibles. valid: 11/24- 26th

Mary’s Medicinals– Buy any Mary’s Item, recv a patch of choice for 10 cents. valid: 11/20-11/26th

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES30% off *pax not included. valid 11/24-26th


Sales running RIGHT NOW thru 11/30:

Evo Labs– BOGO 50% off

Dixie– Mix n Match 3 for $62

Popcorn bud special 3 for $62 

Pax Eras– $19.99

Concentrated Love wax & shatter – 2 for $60


Vendors will be on location during the following times talking up their products and handing out FREE SCHWAG!

Americanna: Fri 1-4p

Cherry: Fri 1-4p

Stillwater: Fri 1-4p

CannaSaver: Fri 1-4p

1906: Fri 4-7p

Loves Oven:  Sat 1-4p






EBBU 2 Day Sale at the Smokin Gun 9/14 & 9/15

2 day EBBU Sale at the SMOKIN GUN! This Thursday and Friday (9/14 & 9/15).

EBBU reps will  on location 3 to 7p both days.  Sale begins Thursday 9/14 @ 8am and ends Friday at midnight 9/15!

Cash in on 2 smokin deals:

Deal 1- BOGO 50% off drops, cartridges & syringes

Deal 2-Buy a vape kit get a cart for 50% off

*while supplies last


For more info about EBBU and their products: